Business in China

Even a casual analysis of China’s financial growth and market potential will show that conducting business in China can be extremely rewarding. But China is a hard place for foreign people. Newcomers are faced with a vast bureaucracy, a hybrid economic system, a considerable language barrier and substantially different cultural, ethical and business values. Many people in business are now moving to China, shipping their belongings by sea or air, and setting up in one of the country’s many metropolises.

The Chinese are masters of free enterprise. This can be seen by their disproportionate ownership of business throughout south-east Asia, as well as their financial success in Western Europe and North America. As China takes on an increasingly free market economic model, there is little doubt that the flare for business knowledge which the Chinese have demonstrated elsewhere, will be witnessed in China herself.

Chinese business values

Understanding basic Chinese cultural values is very important if you wish to work in China. This, however, is not always easy. The economy of socialist China had a considerable impact upon business ethics and more significantly the work ethic. Any tourist to China will surely admit to confusion over the great friendliness and hospitality of the Chinese population by comparison to the indifference and blatant rudeness of others.